Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fondue Eating

If you are yet to discover fondue, now is the perfect time. Fondue, (FAHN-DOO) came from the French word fondre, meaning "to melt. While fondue is often thought of as sophisticated eating enjoyed by adults for decades, its humble beginning marked a tradition of true character and good food.

How Fondue Began
Fondue is originally a tradition of Switzerland that involves dipping pieces of bread into a pot of melted cheese that is keep warm over a small flame called a rechaud, or a burner. This Swiss tradition began in the18th century when isolated villagers in the alps of Switzerland relied mainly on old cheese, old wine and old bread for food during the long winter months. The Swiss would melt hardened cheese with the wine in a pot heated over fire, and dip their bread into the melted cheese for a satisfying meal. The first fondue was born.

Enjoying Fondue
Fondue is easy to prepare and fun. You can dip any food you like dipped into cheese fondue or chocolate fondue. Usually, anything works with chocolate fondue. Cut your dippables into bite size pieces. Cooked meat and poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goodies, marshmallows, pretzels, oreo, graham and your favorite crackers are all fabulous for your fondue. Prepare fondue forks for a formal fondue party, and toothpicks or use your hands for simple fun gathering. Whatever you think will work just fine, do it. Its your fondue.

The Fondue Etiquette
Fondue is a communal dish that observes etiquette. In a fondue party, fondue fork is always provided. It is a two-serrated line fork used to spear food in fondue eating.

Use fondue fork to dip food into the communal pot. Gently dip the food into the pot and twirl to coat with the fondue, let food drip and cool a bit before eating. NEVER put the whole fork into your mouth. Do not double-dip, once a dipped morsel has been tasted, it should never be returned to the pot. With meat fondues, use a dinner fork to slide the meat off the dipping fork onto your plate, and use dinner fork. NEVER dip food into the pot with your fingers, aside from spreading germs, you will burn yourself.

As tradition goes, if you drop your food into the pot, you have to kiss the person next to you! Now that makes your fondue more than just delicious!