All Chocolate Fondues

Do you love chocolate? If you say yes then now is the perfect time to enjoy chocolate fondues.  Kids love chocolate, I love chocolate too. Ready to go dipping chocolatey?

How Chocolate Fondue Began
The Swiss tradition of a melted cheese sauce has a lot to do with how chocolate fondue began. When cheese fondue became so well-known in the United States during the 1950's, people took inspiration to new fondue varieties and discoved the goodness of melted chocolate as an ever-relishing dessert, and chocolate fondue was born. Modern fondue began in the 1960’s when recipes of fondue desserts took off by dipping chunks of fresh fruits, cakes and pastries in a caquelon of melted caramel, marshmallow, honey, coconut and chocolate.

Taste in Chocolate Fondues
Prime taste in chocolate fondue is distinct upon the original state of its every source of chocolate, the cacao beans. Every detail of origin from where cacao tree is grown, as well as harvest and fermentation performances, all contribute to the uniqueness of the flavor of chocolate. Intensely-rich chocolates mark a tradition of what a real chocolate fondue must be.

A Classic Chocolate Fondue Recipe
For an impeccable chocolate fondue dessert, use the best chocolate you will find, add flavorful liquid, and serve in traditional caquelon with bite-sized fresh fruits, amaretti and biscotti for dipping. Everyone would love sweetly baked brownies, angel cakes, sponge cakes and the lovely lady fingers dipped in deep

The Fondue Etiquette
Remember you are dipping and swirling in a communal pot, so always use the fondue fork provided.Gently dip the food into the pot and twirl to coat with the fondue, let food drip and cool a bit before eating. Never touch the fondue fork with your mouth, because the fork will go back into the pot, you would not want people remember you by as the guest licking fondue from fork.